Charge Control Agent for Toner

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Product Description
  Charge Control Agent (CCA) is used to control the tribo-charge of toner used in photocopier and laser printer. Hubei Dinglong has incorporated its unique chemical synthesis technology and pigment dispersion technology, and become one of the three major CCA manufacturers in the world. Our products include N series which is negative charge, and P series which is positive charge. We offer safe and high quality CCA to world's major printer/copier hardware manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers, and assist them in their sustainable growth in the toner industry.
  Our CCA products have obtained global registration of chemical including EU, as well as passed all safety tests required by toner industry. We also apply our own patents in world's major countries. In the meantime, we are continuously developing new CCA products to meet our customers' needs.
  In order to offer better service to our customers, we have been upgrading the capability of our application R&D and technical service. We have our own toner lab, to facilitate our customers quickly decide the precise toner formula in their labs. In addition, we have established distribution centers in U.S, EU, Japan and Korea which let us serve our customers in a more efficient way.
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