Colorants for Inkjet

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  As the quick development of the worldwide OA industry and the special requirements in the commercial inkjet print area, colorants for inkjet have been widely used. Our company is devoted to the development and manufacture of the top-level solvent colorants for inkjet. Now we have two series of Solvent Black and Water Soluble Dye, which have high resolution ratio and good shade effect corresponding to digital imaging technology, and are being used continuously.
  Main fields of application:
  ——Commercial inkjet signal and industrial Inkjet record.
  ——OEM and compatible inkjet print ink cartridges.
  ——High solubility and good dissolve specialty in many solvents.
  ——Vivid color, high fastness, good water resistance, and same color on various substrate.
  ——Excellent resistance, such as heat resistance, bleeding resistance, light fastness, and chemical resistance.
  ——Low content of Insoluble material and small particle size of insoluble material(D50<0.5μm)。
  ——Low content of dielectric, cation and anion.
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