Congratulations to Hubei Dinglong for joining the ICMtia

Leadership concern
2018/12/04 10:30
  On July 19, 2016, the fourth/fifth session of the second circles conference of ICMtia was held in Beijing. Hubei Dinglong Chemical Co., Ltd. was invited to attend and had been approved as a member of it in the conference.
  ICMtia was established by domestic dominate IC material manufacturers, research and develop organizations, and major relative institutions in 2012. The mission of the Alliance is to build up a common platform for the development of IC technology and innovations.  ICMtia is also a non-profit organization that complies with rules and regulations, and its central tenets are justice, fair, sustainable, open-minded and non-exclusivity. .
  The Alliance is aiming to integrate the innovation, technologies and market resources in this industry national-widely, to archive the localization supply of the IC materials. It is expected to expedite the commercialization of high-tech achievements through the efforts of talents from member organizations on this platform. The ICMtia builds up effective ways of working to enhance the advantages as a whole, supporting the domestic IC technology innovation and making contribution to the industry development by constantly improving the innovative capabilities.
  To be a member of ICMtia is conducive to enhance the company's branding and image. It has simulative effects to promote the company products (IC chips, CMP pads and etc.) of IC design and processing procedure into the market. Moreover, it is of great significance and importance to consolidate the supply chain and help with the business penetration in IC industry.