Competitive power

Innovation platform

  1. National Enterprise Technology Center
  In 2017, the Enterprise Technology Center was identified as the “National Enterprise Technology Center” by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the State General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation. The enterprise technology center consists of color chemical toner research and development center, integrated circuit process material research and development center, photoelectric display material research and development center, general consumable chip design and development center, universal toner cartridge research and development center, charge regulator research and development center, magnetic carrier research and development center, and development. Roller and charging roller R & D center, inkjet coded color developer R & D center, organic pigment Yonggu purple R & D center and quality management center, technology center has a series of professional laboratories and international advanced, domestic first-class research and development equipment, and The intellectual resources at home and abroad have established a leading R&D team in the country. They have the ability to rapidly develop new products, improve existing products and evaluate the applicability of products according to the needs of the market and customers, and provide comprehensive solutions for customers. Customers provide value-added services to help them achieve their strategic goals.
  2, postdoctoral research station
  In 2010, the company was approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee to establish a postdoctoral research station. The company has successively signed a post-doctoral agreement with Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology to jointly recruit and train enterprises. Currently, there are 3 post-doctors in the station, which respectively undertake the research and development tasks of major technical issues of the company. Through the establishment of post-doctoral research workstations, not only can the internal talent needs of enterprises be solved, but also the innovation consciousness and scientific experimental methods of universities and research institutes can be introduced to form a scientific innovation system for enterprises and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.
  3. Hubei Province Printing and Copying Supplies Engineering Technology Research Center
  In 2012, the “Hubei Printing and Copying Consumables Engineering Technology Research Center”, which is based on the company, was recognized as “Hubei Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center” by Hubei Science and Technology Department. This engineering technology research center aims to promote the independent innovation of China's printing and copying consumables industry and products with independent intellectual property rights. Through the independent research and development and industrialization of toner charge regulators, color polymerized toners and toner cartridges, we will continue to realize the industrialization of self-innovation and key consumable products, the most critical technology in the printing and copying consumables industry, breaking the foreign technical blockade and Monopoly and substitution of imports have made China not only a global consumables manufacturing base, sales center and distribution center, but also a global R&D center for printing and copying consumables and a source of technological innovation, and vigorously promote the development of China's printing and copying consumables industry.
  4. Color toner and supporting industry technology innovation strategic alliance
  In 2012, the company led the establishment of the “Colorful Toner and Supporting Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance”。 There are already 19 leading enterprises in the office consumables industry, 3 well-known institutions, and the China Cultural Office Equipment Manufacturing Industry Association. The Color Powder Alliance will enhance its independent innovation capability, especially to enhance its original innovation capability, and form more innovative technologies and high-end products with independent intellectual property rights; and effectively combine innovation and innovative talents with “production, study and research”; Sustainable development with green manufacturing and recycling; optimize domestic market with unified standards and norms; integrate backward innovation with integrated innovation, realize technological advancement and industrial upgrading of products; form a group with large scale and high innovation The printing and copying consumables with strong capabilities and strong core competitiveness will be used by key enterprises and enterprise groups to realize the transformation of the consumables industry from “Made in China” to “Created in China”。
  5, the domestic advanced color printing and copying toner and carrier application evaluation center
  application evaluation center has scanning electron microscope, powder flow tester, powder charge distribution tester, particle size and shape image analyzer and other industries More than 20 international scientific instruments (sets), 9 professional instrument analysis engineers, 9 years of experience in consumables evaluation, experienced toner and carrier application evaluation engineers, with an environment that can simulate the global climate. There are 1 laboratory, and there are 10 different testing and evaluation laboratories. Providing timely and reliable testing and analysis data support for product development and production, and forming an advanced domestic evaluation team that can evaluate both toner and carrier.