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Company Profile

  Hubei DingLong Co.,Ltd. is based in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, China. With over 17 Years of experience in design, development and manufacturing of Imaging materials for both Toner & Ink products.
  Color Chemical Polymerised Toner (CPT) is today a focus product, Hubei Dinglong also has many years of experience in Charge Control Agents (CCA), Colorants and special pigments for both Imaging Industry and Automotive producers. Many of its customers are OEM's and Hubei Dinglong had demonstrated over the years that it can meet and exceed the demands of continuity of supply required at the OEM level.
  The last 7 to 8 years Hubei Dinglong become more focused on aftermarket for CPT toner and Carrier for both printer & copier channel. This has been enabled by the $50M investment in the “state of the art” R&D Centre and CPT Manufacturing line at Wuhan HQ. The 6000 square meter R&D facility, 70 Research staff, 10 Masters & 5 Doctors. In fact Hubei Dinglong has now established a Post-Doctoral Scientific research center for Color Imaging Industry.
  With over 100 high tech products, spanning the 7 major OEM lines it has set the standard for many industry products. Certain specialty products like Naphtocyclinon dyes or specialty pigments have shown Hubei Dinglong have the skills and experience to pioneer new Technology.
  As a Public Traded company, DingLong (stock 300054) has been adhering to the development strategy of “Pursuing International high-end customers, affirm on independent innovation, Pursue to be world-class Producer of Imaging Material”,
  Hubei Dinglong own more than 191 domestic and international invention patent, engaged in five national industry standards establishment. 80% of the products are pioneered in China, broke the foreign monopoly and became a world famous supplier. To insure our quality, we engaged world advanced management system and received ISO9000, ISO14001 and OHSAS18000 certifications.
  In the future, based on industry demand and supported by capital, Hubei DingLong will maintain on the combination of independent innovation and industrial integration, focus on the development of new chemical materials and technologies to promote industrial progress and technological innovation to be an excellent new chemical material supplier. We will keep making efforts, continuously provide high quality products and satisfactory service to our customers.